Woman mortified after spotting rude item in background of Zoom call with boss

A woman was left red-faced after leaving an embarrassing item behind her during a work zoom call – and only realising when it was too late to move it.

Nicki Faulkner, 32, had a virtual work meeting to attend and decided to take the call from her bed for a change, and to begin with everything was fine.

After fifteen minutes, Nicki, who works in HR, realised that she’d left a bottle of Durex lube on the shelf behind her bed – in full view of everyone on the call.

She said that it would have been too obvious to move it, so Nicki, from Hackney, east London, had no choice but to pretend it wasn’t there and hope no one noticed.

Nicki, a well-being specialist who works in HR, said: “About 15 minutes into the call I clocked the lube on the shelf behind me, it was too late to move it.

“My manager would then know I’d seen it and it would draw more attention to it.

“It’s one of those taboos, I died inside a little bit – it was the Durex massage lube.

“It was definitely obvious – what else could it be?

“She knew I was in bed, so what else would I have on the shelf behind my bed?

“Next time I’ll be doing meetings from the kitchen table – bed was always going to be a bad idea.”

Nicki said she decided to work from home after a busy time at work the week before, and opted to take the call from bed as she felt a bit run down.

She added that she doesn’t usually take work calls from bed, so didn’t think to check what was behind her.

Although she hoped her boss wouldn’t notice, Nicki decided to post about it on social media the next day and her friends, she claimed, all thought it was “hilarious”.